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Notting Hill Picnic Set

The unique picnic basket is reminiscent of simpler times, when picnics were grand affairs and life's pace afforded you the time to enjoy them to the fullest

Sales price $98.00

Enjoy a romantic British woven picnic basket the perfect take-along for an intimate setting for two. Our exquisitely handcrafted basket is woven willow with leatherette straps and features all the amenities you need for an intimate wine-n-cheese outing for two.

Basket includes:

- Two hand-blown wine glasses (8-ounce)
- Two 14-inch napkins - One stainless steel cheese knife with wooden handle
- One hardwood cutting board (6- x 6-inch)
- One stainless steel, waiter-style corkscrew
- One plastic food containers
- One 44-inch square tablecloth
- 100-percent cotton